Specialized Center

Parts Service

Serpentine Belts 

(Every 50,000 miles or when there is detected wear)

  • Inspect pulleys and tensioners
  • Drives most major funtions of your vehicles
  • Alternator, PS, A/C, and Water pump.
  • Keeps battery charged

Fuel Injection Service

(Every 3 years or 50,000 miles)

  • Cleans injectors internally.
  • Removes harmful deposits.
  • Cleans sensors, catalytic converter.
  • Improves idle and gas mileage.

Air Filters

(Recommend every 15,000 - 18,000 miles)

  • Cleans air coming into engine.
  • Improves fuel economy.
  • Increases engine power and performance.

Cabin Filters

(Recommended every 24 months - 30,000 miles)

  • Filters the air you breathe
  • Helps prevent pollen, road dust getting inside your vehicle.
  • Keeps the interior of your vehicle vents, glass, and dash cleaner.
  • Removes 95% of allergens.

Wiper Blades

(Available for Front & Rear Applications)

  • Front - Sizes 15" - 28" in Bosch Direct, or Champion Profile Blades.
  • Fits both universal and OE arm types
  • Cleans windshield and improves visibility.
  • Rear - Sizes available 10" -14".

Head Light Restore

  • Restore faded, yellowed headlight lenses to like new condition.
  • Tape, sand, and clean lens. Apply protective coating.
  • Requires direct, natural sunlight or UV-A lights to cure.
  • No washing for 24 hours.
  • Improves night time visibility by as much as 50%

Fuel Filters

(Recommend every 3yrs. or 50,000 miles)

  • Inline external fuel filters only.
  • Improves fuel economy and engine performance.
  • Protects the fuel system from dirt, rust and contaminants.

Bulb Replacement

(Front and Rear)

  • Wagner Halogen Capsules & Bulbs.
  • Miniature Bulb - Dome, courtesy, license plate, & sidemarker.
  • Brake, third brake, & turn signals.
  • Headlight, and daytime running lights

Oil System Cleaner - Engine Flush

  • Check System for leaks and engine noise.
  • Cleans and removes harmful deposits from oil system.
  • Cleans crankcase of excessive buildup.
  • Improves oil circulation and reduces engine wear.
  • Caution - High Mileage Vehicles

Battery Service

  • Test battery starting & charging system.
  • Test alternator output.
  • Clean terminals / tighten connectors if needed.
  • Check sight glass & date code.
  • Add water if needed.
  • Remove & replace battery if available.

Engine Diagnostic Service

  • OBD II - Read trouble codes. 
  • Clear memory and restore settings.
  • Turn Check Engine light off.

Lucas Products

  • Oil Stabilizer
  • Fuel Injector Cleaner
  • Engine Stop Leak
  • Power Steering Stop Leak
  • Transmission Fix